Network & Affiliations

Network & Affiliations

Christ the King - JP/Roxbury is affiliated with several church planting organizations. You can read the basics here or click on any heading for more information.

Christ the King Boston Church Planting Network

Christ the King - JP/Roxbury is part of a much larger mission to see the kingdom come in Boston. As one of many congregations around the city, we hope to see:

  • A healthy and growing congregation for every neighborhood
  • A proliferation of worshipping and caring communities that reflect the cultural, educational and economic diversity of the city, equip believers to practice the gospel in all areas of life, and train men and women to proclaim the gospel in their unique context
  • A network of congregations that share gospel values, kingdom commitments and a common vision for the city. 

Mission to North America

MNA serves PCA churches and presbyteries as they advance God’s Kingdom in North America by planting, growing and multiplying Biblically healthy churches through the development of intentional evangelism and outreach ministries.

Redeemer City to City Global Network

The Christ the King Boston church planting center is affiliated with the Redeemer City to City Global network out of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York Redeemer City to City focuses on church planting for the renewal of global cities and content resources for leaders who want to bring the power of the gospel to every part of life. They seek to catalyze and serve a global movement of leaders who create new churches, new ventures, and new expressions of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the Common good.

Spanish River Church Planting Network

The Spanish River Church Planting Network is a family of like-minded churches committed to advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ by supporting other theologically reformed, church-planting churches. They strive to serve church planters, their families, and their congregations through ongoing mentoring, strategizing, and significant financial backing. They also provide accountability to spur our men and women in the Network to be gospel-centered, personally healthy, maritally faithful, scripturally rooted, and evangelically fervent.